Female Idol Laments on Nobody Flirting with her at ISAC

Lovelyz’s Jung Ye-in revealed behind-the-scenes stories of idols dating at the filming of Idol Star Athletics Championships

On June 6th, the YouTube channel “No Back Tak Jae-hoon” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of Jung Ye-in, the youngest member of Lovelyz.

In the video, Tak Jae-hoon mentioned MBC’s program “Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC)” and said, “According to what I heard from idols, they flirted with each other and exchanged eye contact a lot during ISAC. Is that true?”. In response, Jung Ye-in said, “What I feel so sad is that no one did that to me at ISAC”.

Lovelyz Jung Ye-in

Additionally, when asked, “Did anyone among your members experience that?”, Jung Ye-in said, “We don’t talk to each other about things like that”.

Then, when Tak Jae-hoon continued asking, “You guys didn’t do that?”. Jung Ye-in said, “We always told each other this among ourselves, ‘Let’s not date’”, revealing the atmosphere between Lovelyz members during their activities. She added, “Now we want to get married quickly. We want to meet good people and get married. Because they already got old”, indirectly revealing her open mind about dating. 

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