Female BJ who took photos with G-Dragon while smoking: “Why should we be criticized?”

Broadcast Jockey Park Garin, who took photos with BIGBANG G-Dragon, became a hot topic. 

Internet broadcaster Park Garin recently appeared on BJ Kim In Ho’s AfreecaTV live and revealed the behind story of when she met BIGBANG G-Dragon by chance and took photos with him. Previously, the female broadcaster became a hot topic online after posting photos of herself with G-Dragon and revealing that G-Dragon was smoking when she saw him.


In particular, Park Garin recalled: “I was passing through an alley in Apgujeong without knowing that there was G-Dragon’s car. Suddenly, someone opened the door and got off towards me. I was so surprised that I said ‘It’s GD!’.”

She also added: “There were other celebrities on the other side. Lee Soo Hyuk was also there.”

Park Garin

According to Park Garin, she was very surprised just to meet G-Dragon, but Park Gaeul, who was with her, gathered up the courage and decided to ask for pictures, saying: “Unnie, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. When will we see G-Dragon again?”

Unlike Park Garin, who was cautious, Park Gaeul decided to approach G-Dragon and said, “I’m a big fan.” Fortunately, contrary to Garin’s worries, G-Dragon even joked, “Are you my real fan?” After that, G-Dragon willingly allowed the photo shoot, and the photos of the three people, Park Garin, G-Dragon, and Park Gaeul, were born.

Park Garin said, “Even though he’s really famous, it was a natural atmosphere. There’s no one asking us not to film.”

The commemorative photo of the three was taken by an acquaintance of Park Garin, who happened to pass by, and it is said that Park Gaeul also took a selfie with G-Dragon. However, Park Garin told her that a selfie with just the two of them may cause misunderstanding, so only the photos of them three were disclosed. 


On the other hand, Park Garin Park confessed that she received malicious criticism from some netizens after the photos were released.

Park Garin, who said that she only took pictures because she was a fan, said: “The chance that G-Dragon is in Korea is already low, and all we did was just take photos of people we normally don’t see in Apgujeong, so why should we be criticized? We are fans too.” 

She also showed a resolute attitude, saying: “After the article appeared on the hot topic, I thought ‘Should I take the photos down or not’, but I decided to think of it as my medal because I endured through all the curses demanding me to delete them.”.

Source: Nate

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