Father of the late Kim Mi-soo: “I will express my position regarding the history distortion controversy of ‘Snowdrop’”

Father of the late actor Kim Mi-soo expressed his position on the controversy over the history distortion accusation regarding “Snowdrop.”

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On Jan 10th, A, who identified himself as the father of the late Kim Mi-soo, posted a long article on an online cafe of a writer to talk about the controversy over the historical distortion controversy of the deceased’s posthumous work JTBC’s “Snowdrop.”

Mr. A said, “I have posted cheering messages for all of my daughter’s dramas, but as I didn’t post one for “Snowdrop”, people interpreted it as I felt burdensome due to the history distortion scandal. But this is nothing more than a misunderstanding, because I posted the cheering messages for other dramas on Instagram while the message for “Snowdrop” was posted on Facebook.”


Mr. A added, “I will raise my position on the situation of “Snowdrop” when the situation is settled in the future because I’m still in no circumstances to maintain objectivity and write,” adding, “I am a teacher who teaches Korean history at Noryangjin Public Officials Academy.”

Meanwhile, the late Kim Mi-soo suddenly passed away on Jan 5th. The deceased’s posthumous work, “Snowdrop”, decided to air the filming without editing and delivered a commemorative message for her.

In the process, some YouTubers said that A had mentioned the late Kim Mi-soo‘s drama appearances on his Instagram, but did not cheer for “Snowdrop,” causing controversy that he didn’t support the drama because it was embroiled in controversy over historical distortion.

Below is the full post from the father of the late Kim Mi-soo:

I’m the father of actor Kim My-soo who suddenly passed away on Jan 5th. On Jan 7th, we walked the last journey with her to the memorial park, and yesterday, I went to the memorial park again after finishing the ceremony. My hands are still shaking due to this unbelievable reality.

I still remember the moment my daughter hugged and rejoiced with me when I was elected to the region’s decentralization synopsis contest hosted by Daegu City in December last year.

However, looking at various articles and comments on portal sites, I found a lot of unconfirmed reports and writings that raised suspicions are being spread. I’m also worried that Mi-soo’s mother would collapse if she saw those posts. So please refrain from posting speculative comments. 

We want to correct the wrong facts which have been spread among Youtube contents below. “Was it because of the burdensome caused by the historical distortion controversy surrounding the drama that he only posted cheering messages for other works but not ‘Snowdrop’?”,I saw some people made such interpretation. I wondered did people misunderstand since I posted about other works on Instagram but made the post about “Snowdrop” on Facebook. I haven’t posted my thoughts on “Snowdrop” because I was afraid that posting something amidst the controversy surrounding the drama starring my daughter would bring about another controversy, but now I think I can reveal my honest thoughts. 

I’m still not sure if I can write anything with an objective view in this situation. In the future, when everything is settled, I will raise my positions on “Snowdrop”.

To let you know, after my daughter began doing acting activities, I also started writing things like scenarios and scripts from around February 2019. I’m a cafe lover and an instructor who teaches Korean history at Noryangjin Public Service Academy.

Thank you for showing interest in my daughter and sending our family huge comfort. – Mi-soo’s father, who loved his daughter so much


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