Fans were surprised to see someone like Soojin ((G) I-DLE) among dancers of aespa

Surely many people will think that Soojin ((G) I-DLE) is doing backup dancer for aespa

On the afternoon of December 11, SM’s rookie, aespa, had a promotional stage on the Music Bank music show.  As always, despite being a newly debuted girl group, aespa performed extremely professionally, with charisma and expression not inferior to her seniors.  With the outstanding visual and choreography ability, aepsa made the audience unable to take their eyes off for more than 3 minutes.

Aepsa’s latest stage on Music Bank not only attracted the audience’s attention by the visual of member Karina with bangs but also attracted the attention of fans when appearing a female dancer very much like Soojin of (G) I-DLE.  Although she was only flashed on the picture and was said to be lazy in dancing, the female dancer still took the spotlight because her face looked like a “twin sister” with the (G) I-DLE member.

Soojin ((G) I-DLE) AESPA
Soojin ((G) I-DLE) AESPA
Soojin ((G) I-DLE) AESPA
Soojin ((G) I-DLE) AESPA

Possessing a plump face, charming lips, and flat bangs – Soojin’s usual hairstyle, so aespa’s dancer looked more like the (G) I-DLE member. The similarity as the “twin” of the two girls made many Kpop fans “shocked”, many people even joked that maybe because of CUBE’s low salary, Soojin had to work as …a part-time dancer for aespa.

Soojin ((G) I-DLE) AESPA

Some comments:

– CUBE must pay too low so you have to work part-time for aepsa?

-God, two faces are the same

– Why are there 2 strangers who look alike as twins?  They are even more similar than Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong.

– Haha, she wasn’t good at dancing but somehow still caught my attention strangely, it turned out that she looks like Soojin.


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