Fans were excited when BLACKPINK was rumored to appear on a reality show after comeback

 A photo was shared on the Internet showing that BLACKPINK was going to appear on a new show, fans were excited because they thought they could see their idol in a reality show after more than a year.

Recently, Korean comedian King Castle posted a series of photos taken with 4 BLACKPINK members while filming the show.  In the post, King Castle quoted BLACKPINK’s lyrics with the caption “This Friday night at 10:30 p.m.” on Dingo School.

Immediately, this post caught attention on social media and entered Top worldwide trending. Fans are not only excited since BLACKPINK has not appeared on a TV show for a long time, but also for the extremely beautiful, attractive photos of the 4 BlackPink girls.  Jisoo and Rosé were exactly like young highschool girls, Jennie stood out by wearing only a short-sleeved sweater vest, and the youngest member Lisa looked like a rebellious student when she tied the shirt into a croptop to show off her eye-catching slim waist.

 Not long ago, Rosé shared a similar photo of her wearing a uniform that made fans guess that she could guess on a TV show, but most surprisingly, all 4 members will participate. Every year BLACKPINK has one come back, having few activities in Korea, so every time BLACKPINK is allowed to go on variety shows, it creates a buzz among fans. 

BLACKPINK fans continue to “be let down”

 After the photo was spread, fans “could not stay calm”, but then the original poster edited the caption, saying that BLACKPINK would not appear in a new show, this photo has nothing to do with a TV show.

So the fans are let down again. They have been waiting for the girls for nearly 2 years but still could not see them on any TV shows. How long will it take YG to properly promote BLACKPINK in Korea?

Maybe this is for the new episode of 24/365 – BLACKPINK’s own reality show, but is that enough to gain the Korean public’s attention at the moment? 

SOurces: yan

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