‘Ahn So-hee look-alike’ JYP trainee Ahn Yuna reveals daily life, “Got permission from the company”

Ahn Yuna, known as “Ahn So-hee look-alike” started using SNS.

Ahn Yu-na, a trainee who participated in the ‘Nizi Project’, recently opened an Instagram account and uploaded her picture, saying, “After the Nizi project, I got permission from the company to communicate with my fans.”

In the released photos, Ahn Yuna stands out with her youthful face, straight nose, and cherry lips. Her attractive mark on the side of the lips catches the eye, bringing the teens’ feeling of fresh and youthful. 

At first glance, her cuteness and lovely vibe make her looks really like Ahn So-hee of Wonder Girls.

Ahn Yuna said, “I sincerely thank the fans who have cried, laughed, and sympathized with us. I’m going to show more things about me, what I couldn’t show in Nizi, so please support me.”

Ahn Yuna, 16 years old, is a Korean-Japanese mixed-race. She has been selected as a JYP Entertainment trainee since December 2016, and became famous for participating in ‘Nizi Project’, the global girl group survival program jointly organized by JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Japan.

NiziU, the group selected through the Nizi project, recently debuted in Japan and is gaining great popularity.

Souces: Nate

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