What happened in the entertainment industry on August 8th years ago

What happened on August 8th years ago? Jung Joon-young – Jiyeon affair and Kwon Mina’s extreme attempt.

What happened in the entertainment industry on August 8th years ago

Today (8th) a few years ago, various things happened in the entertainment industry. Jung Joon-young and Jiyeon, well-known best friends in the K-pop industry, were rumored to be dating, and Kwon Mina, a former member of the group AOA, surprised the public by heralding an extreme attempt to choose. 

In the eventful entertainment industry with various issues, let’s see what memories today’s artists made years ago!

The shocking story of AOA former member Kwon Mina who called out the AOA members and made an extreme attempt

What happened in the entertainment industry on August 8th years ago

On August 8 last year, Kwon Mina from AOA surprised the public by trying to make an extreme choice. At the time, Kwon Mina was drawing attention by revealing that she was bullied by members during the AOA period. It was even more shocking as she announced her attempt to make an extreme choice via SNS.

Kwon Mina wrote on her SNS at the time, “I will leave peacefully. Live well. Maybe, my family, my innocent mom and sister will not be able to say a word but only cry. I’ll go to a happy place. It’s so painful here. If I die, don’t step into the funeral hall. You’re dirty. I’m gonna die and torment you. If I risk it all, you can’t survive.” Along with the writing, she posted a photo showing her attempt to make an extreme choice, raising concerns.

Fortunately, Kwon Mina was taken to a nearby hospital and recovered without any disruption to her life. Thanks to a staff member from US. Entertainment, the agency at the time, immediately reported Kwon Mina‘s SNS post to the police and 119. Recently, Kwon Mina has made another extreme attempt and caused concern.

Jung Joon-young, controversial love rumor with ‘best friend’ Jiyeon

What happened in the entertainment industry on August 8th years ago

Jung Joon-young heated up August 8, 2018 with rumors of a romantic relationship with singer Jiyeon from T-ara, who was known as his close friend before the controversy. At that time, the media reported that Jung Joon-young and his peer developed a relationship through close meetings. Accordingly, their romantic relationship rumor was raised.

However, contrary to the article, both Jung Joon-young and Jiyeon actively denied their romantic relationship. “There is no evidence of a romantic relationship with Jung Joon-young. We are not in a situation where we can date someone,” Jiyeon’s side declared. Jung Joon-young also drew a line saying, “We are friends, not lovers.”

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Jung Joon-young and Jiyeon drew so much attention because those had been raised before. Jung Joon-young and Jiyeon had strongly denied the rumor for the first time in April 2017 that “The probability of our dating is 0%.” Afterwards, the two expressed their special friendship by saying they were “best friends”.

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