Fans Pay Tribute to The Late Moonbin with Commemorative Advertising Banners

Fans honor ASTRO’s Moonbin with commemorative banners at a subway station and bus stop.

Fans of ASTRO have expressed their unwavering support and love for the late Moonbin by installing commemorative advertising banners at prominent locations in South Korea. 


With one banner displayed at Cheongdam Station and another at Sinchon Bus Terminal, this highlights fans’ desire to show their love and for Moonbin to be remembered.

The banner at Cheongdam Station funded by Chinese fans bears a heartfelt message: “Bin, thank you for being a singer. We will always remember you.” 

The banner at Sinchon Bus Terminal was voted and secured the top position on Idol Champ by both Korean and international fans.


It displays the sentiments of Moonbin’s fans: “We remember your passion. We remember your smile when you sing with happiness. We are glad to be a part of your most brilliant moments. Bin, thank you for being a singer. In the next life, we will find each other first. So that we can be happy together forever.

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