Fans look back at this cute interaction of TWICE and BTS when it was virus-free

TWICE members had opposite reactions while witnessing BTS’s funny moment.

2 years after the outbreak of the epidemic, a series of music programs and awards ceremonies are going to be held offline with real audiences, which raises Kpop fans’ anticipation.  While waiting for fancams of these events, fans are digging up videos of artists’ genuine reactions to their colleagues during past year-end shows to look back to memorable moments of previous years.

For BTS and TWICE’s fans, one of the two groups’ super cute and funny interactions was at 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje. On the encore stage, the two groups stepped out to cheer on the “Amor Fati” performance by veteran female singer Kim Jeon Ya.

Fancam focusing on BTS at 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje 

TWICE and BTS are the two groups that attracted the most attention at the center of the stage, dancing together to the exciting music of “Amor Fati.” The maknae-line of BTS, including V, Jimin and Jungkook, enthusiastically transformed into backup dancers for their senior Jeon Ya, while eldest member Jin joked around with weird actions.

 BTS has a comedy dance to “Amor Fati”
 Jin didn’t care about his image, he’s passionate about his comedy dance
Suga and Jimin were embarrassed of their hyung too
 Witnessing Jin’s dance
bts nayeon
Nayeon burst into laughter

Seeing BTS having fun on stage, TWICE members showed different reactions. Nayeon, Chaeyeong, and Dahyun couldn’t hold themselves but laughed the whole time. Nayeon also imitated BTS’s dances and joined the fun. Meanwhile, Mina and Tzuyu remained calm, although the two did smile slightly sometimes.

Focus fancam of Mina (TWICE)

After watching the fancams of Tzuyu and Mina during that funny moment, fans were wondering what the two were thinking. Are they holding back their laughter to save their images? Or maybe it was just because Tzuyu and Mina were already tired, so they didn’t have enough energy to enjoy the atmosphere.

V and Jimin were hyping enthusiastically as backup dancers for their seniors
The two even danced as if they were in a club
twice bts
Chaeyeon and Dahyun cheered for V when he stepped out to the center of the stage
twice bts
Dahyun turned to Jeongyeon and they laughed together while Mina and Tzuyu stayed calm in behind 
Until now, fans are still curious about Mina and Tzuyu expressions at that moment.

To KPOP fans, moments of idols interacting with each other at events like this are really precious. Many people also hope BTS and TWICE will have more interactions at this year’s year-end festivals.

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The funny and friendly side of BTS members is one of the things that make fans love them
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Dahyun caught the attention for her natural reaction 
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