Attending a public shoe event for the first time in a while, G-Dragon got the whole Seoul downtown packed with fans

G-Dragon suddenly appeared at an event and drew keen attention from fans.

The hottest event that is attracting explosive reactions from Korean netizens is definitely the series of photos taken G-Dragon attending a shoe launching event in Seoul held on the evening of November 26th.

Not been seen for a long time, Big Bang leader – G-Dragon suddenly appeared in public to attend the new product release event of a shoe brand. Immediately, his appearance became a hot topic on all SNS sites, including Twitter. Until today (November 27th), photos of G-Dragon at the event and the confusion outside the event location were finally revealed. Showing up in a unique and stylish fashion, G-Dragon captured the hearts of fans with his cool vibe. In addition, he took off his mask in a photo and revealed his face, attracting attention with his lovely expression. It is unbelievable to say the guy who looks like he’s 25 is already 33 years old.

G-Dragon stole the spotlight at the shoe launching event yesterday

He appeared in a cool style but also gave off many lovely expressions

The rare moment when G-Dragon took off his mask and shed a lovely smile, fluttering fans’ hearts

Although G-Dragon’s appearance at this event was unexpected, a lot of fans rushed to the store where the event was held in order to see him. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the event location and tried to take photos of G-Dragon with their phones, making the large street in the city center suddenly become so crowded. This has proved the unrivaled popularity and influence of G-Dragon as the “king of KPOP”.

Fans packed outside the store holding cameras and phones just to take pictures of G-Dragon’s rare appearance
The street got crowded because of hundreds of people waiting for G-Dragon to show up

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