Fans Go Crazy For EXO’s D.O. And Lee Young-ji’s Kiss In New MV

Lee Young-ji and Do Kyung-soo kissed each other in the MV for their new duet.

The music video for Lee Young-Ji’s new song “Small girl feat. Do Kyung-soo (D.O.)” was uploaded on her YouTube account on June 21st.

Lee released her new EP “16 FANTASY” on the same day. The title track “Small Girl” featured Do Kyung-soo, an EXO member and actor, and its live version was released earlier to give a glimpse of their chemistry.

EXO D.O Lee Young-ji

“Small Girl” is Lee’s self-written song that tells the story of a tall girl, containing Lee Young-ji’s experiences and sincerity. In the lyrics, Lee Young-ji asked candid questions such as “Cause I’m that girl, tall girl-y,” “Boy, I got a small girl fantasy, Baby, would you still love me?” and “Though I got a big laugh, big voice, and big personality. Would you guarantee?”

Do Kyung-soo responds with sincere words such as “Yes, you’re wasting all your time on some stupid things,” “I’m the same no matter what you do,” “There were no other conditions in the first place,” and “Girl, I don’t got no fantasy.”

In the music video, the two also drew attention by playing lovers with a story that matches the lyrics. In particular, in this MV, they work part-time together and have chemistry. Later, a new female part-timer with a shorter height appeared, and Lee Young-ji has increasing concern for her height.

However, Do Kyung-soo cares about Lee Young-ji’s concerns, and the two confirmed their feelings for each other again. Do Kyung-soo even gives Lee Young-ji a surprise kiss on the cheek, and Lee Young-ji shouts in embarrassment and runs away, making viewers laugh.

Internet users are showing explosive reactions with comments such as “Fainted by their last kiss,” “Lovely,” “I’m so excited,” “Do Kyung-soo and Young-ji are both so cute,” “The lyrics raises my self-esteem.”

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