Fans found evidence photos to prove Sehun’s position regarding the “girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy” rumor

EXO fans showed proof to support Sehun’s claim that a woman pretended to be his girlfriend and raised rumors.

On March 28th, Sehun’s fans posted on online communities, saying “The woman A, who sparked the premarital pregnancy rumor, is known to have been a sasaengfan (crazy fan who stalks idol) for a long time. Both Sehun and his fans know this person”. They also revealed pictures as evidence.


Among the evidence photos released by Sehun’s fans, there is a photo showing A pretending to be a passenger in a car driver by Sehun. A also gathered photos taken by various fashion influencers to make it look like she was attending the same fashion show with Sehun. Before the premarital pregnancy rumor broke out, A also posted a photo showing a famous cartoon character on a boat stroking its stomach with a heart.

Claiming that A is a famous sasaengfan of Sehun, EXO fans explained, “A is known among fans as a person who stalks and follows Sehun wherever he goes to take pictures and pretends that she is Sehun’s girlfriend. In the past, when Sehun released a picture of two cups of coffee when he was in Egypt, A immediately posted a similar picture on her SNS but deleted it immediately after it was found to be fake.”

After seeing evidence photos posted by Sehun’s fans, netizens commented, “Shouldn’t they go to the hospital?”, “Both the fans and Sehun knew about it”, “I would be scared and report the person immediately”, and “This is seriously creepy.”

EXO Sehun

Meanwhile, EXO member Sehun refuted the rumor of his alleged girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy on March 27th through the fan platform Bubble, expressing his anger and asking fans not to misunderstand. “I’m very angry that such a situation arose out of nowhere. Please do not misunderstand”, the male idol wrote.

Afterwards, on March 28th, Sehun took a strong stance on his SNS, stating that he would take legal action against the baseless rumors. “I believe I should take legal action because I thought that the nonsense articles, which are being circulated, need to be corrected. As my fans know, there has been a woman who has been pretending to be my girlfriend for years. It’s not a big deal then, but the situation has gotten out of control. I want to confirm that the person in the photos and writings on the Internet is not me,” he said strongly.

Source: wikitree

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