Fans continue to show support for Kim Seon-ho after his ‘private life’ controversy: “You’re our light and hope”

The public is frustrated knowing fans are showing support for Kim Seon-ho and encouraging his comeback.

On the morning of October 23rd, a netizen made a post on Nate Pann and mentioned a letter made by Kim Seon-ho’s fans with the title “Supporting letter for Kim Seon-ho”. Fans wrote in their supporting letter, saying, “The actor has been our strength for all this time, so now we will become your strength. We will always be here waiting for you so that you can come back anytime. Please don’t get sick. You’re our light and hope.” The post’s author said, “Did Kim Seon-ho’s fans all get brainwashed? There are now more people supporting him than those who curse at him.”

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This post immediately became a hot topic and received mixed reactions. A netizen said, “Kim Seon-ho did not commit any crime since this was only a problem in a relationship, but his acting career was completely ruined. I wonder if things have gone too far. Kim Seon-ho already apologized and the scandal ended here. However, I don’t think what A exposed was 100% true. This is an issue between a relationship of a man and a women so we should listen to both sides.”

On the other hand, other Internet users expressed their anger, saying, “Kim Seon-ho even admitted all the faults himself. Why are you writing such novel?”, “How could it be a good thing since he even forced his girlfriend to abort their child for the sake of his acting career?”

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A netizen strongly criticized, “It’s already too late to get back Kim Seon-ho’s image even when fans are trying to cover things up. Using a woman just for his sexual satisfaction without taking responsibility already damaged his image badly.”

Earlier, on October 17th, Kim Seon-ho was called out to be in the center of the scandal related to his ‘private life’. A, who claimed to be rising actor K’s ex-girlfriend, posted on an online community, saying, “I started dating K since early last year and was pregnant with his child in July of the same year. K lied about the amount of advertising penalty and urged me to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage.”

After that, Youtuber Lee Jin-ho and other netizens pointed out Kim Seon-ho as “actor K”. On the morning of October 20th, Kim Seon-ho admitted his relationship with A and apologized, “I met her with good feelings. In the process, I hurt her with my careless and inconsiderate actions.”

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After that, A said she accepted his apology and would delete the disclosure. In addition, A also announced that she would take legal actions against those who spread her personal information online.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho’s ‘private life’ controversy caused a stir in the advertising and broadcasting industries. Kim Seon-ho announced his withdrawal from the entertainment show in which he was a main cast member – “2 Days & 1 Night”. He also dropped out of his two upcoming movies, “2 O’clock Date” and “Dog Days”.

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