“Love triangle” between aespa’s Winter, ITZY’s Yeji and Somi drew Kpop fans attention

Netizens have pointed out that aespa’s Winter, ITZY’s Yeji and Jeon Somi wear similar tops with the heart-shaped designs in the middle.

Recently, Kpop idols’ outfits continue to impress fans with creative details, one of which is the famous heart-shaped design on the chest. This design has been promoted by many female idols, most notably aespa’s Winter, ITZY’s Yeji and Jeon Somi. Many netizens even joke that it feels like the 3 girls are in a love triangle.

jeon somi
Netizens can’t stop laughing at the fashion clash of 3 female idols 

Jeon Somi recently released her first ever solo album called XOXO. On her comeback poster, she attracted much attention with her eye-catching outfit that is absolutely on trend. Somi wears a heart-shaped crop top, with a black leather jacket.

jeon somi
Somi’s charisma on the poster is also praised 

Somi’s crop top quickly reminds Kpop fans of the recent outfits of aespa’s Winter and ITZY’s Yeji. Previously, Winter was teased by netizens for “stealing” Yeji’s heart, causing the ITZY’s member to wear a blazer with an emptied heart. 

aespa winter
Winter’s outfit for “Savage” went viral on social media
itzy yeji
The heart cut of Yeji’s jacket makes her outfit look more unique

In fact, this unique heart-shaped design is currently very popular with female idols. The outfits with this creative detail also match well with the vibes of the songs with upbeat melodies. However, compared to Winter and Somi, Yeji’s outfit is considered quite cheesy, mainly because of the shade of hot pink.  

itzy yeji
Yeji is believed to look better in monochrome outfits

In addition to their outfits, netizens also pay attention to the 3 female idols’ visuals. While Winter is dubbed one of the “Gen Z goddesses” and goes viral on social media these days for her pretty appearance, Yeji is noticed for her cat-like face and charming aura, and Jeon Somi’s mixed-race beauty has always been praised since her debut. 

aespa winter
Winter is a rising 4th generation female idol 

Recently, Winter, Yeji and Somi have been working hard to promote their groups’ and individual new releases. In particular, Winter has continuously achieved much success with aespa and become one of the hottest rookie idols nowadays. As for Yeji, unfortunately ITZY’s latest comeback has not made much of an impression on the public compared to the group’s previous title tracks. Particularly, ITZY’s outfits and styling have recently received many negative comments. 

As for Jeon Somi, the female idol is still doing well as a soloist. She is currently creating a stir among Kpop fans with the newly released MV for XOXO and promises to gain many impressive achievements.

jeon somi
Somi’s beauty and career are on the rise

Although they come from 3 companies and have 3 different concepts, these female idols still experience “clothing clash”. This urges their stylists to be more creative in the future.

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