After 7 years, Ladies’ Code Sojung is still heartbroken over the deaths of the two group members

Sojung hasn’t had a birthday for 7 years as it was the day of the accident that killed two Ladies’ Code members.

On August 15, the female group Ladies’ Code appeared on Channel A’s “Eye Contact” and spoke about a vehicle tragedy that killed two group members seven years ago. Sojung said on the broadcast that she hasn’t celebrated her birthday in 7 years. This is because her birthday, September 3rd, also occurred to be the day of the tragic tragedy.

“After the accident on September 3, I no longer considered it my birthday. The members had a birthday celebration for me in the car that day. Then we all fell asleep. My memories just stopped there.”

ladies' code sojung accident
Sojung burst into tears when sharing about the group’s difficulties after the death of EunB and RiSe

Ashley and Zuny, two other members of the Ladies’ Code, expressed their desire to celebrate Sojung’s birthday in the hopes that she would live happily ever after. Sojung, on the other hand, declined. She said, for seven years after that day, she was still upset and couldn’t accept the reality.

Ladies’ Code was formed by Polaris Entertainment in 2013. The group was initially formed by 5 members: Ashley, RiSe, EunB, Sojung, and Zuny. After finishing a schedule on September 3, 2014, Ladies’ Code was involved in a tragic car collision. EunB and RiSe died as a result of the accident.

ladies' code sojung accident
The scene of the tragic accident
ladies' code sojung accident
EunB and RiSe passed away after being taken to the hospital

Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny have all returned to work in the entertainment industry after the accident. After their contract with Polaris expired in February 2020, they all decided to leave the company. The members have been concentrating on their solo careers since then.

ladies' code sojung accident

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