Fans are upset by how NCT 127 won the cup when WJSN’s score is higher and Show Champion’s reply

Many of WJSN’s fans are feeling unfair after hearing Show Champion’s answer about NCT 127’s win.

Recently, NCT 127 has won against WJSN on Show Champion June 12th episode. However, after the winner was announced, a fanwar has exploded between the 2 fandom where they argued that WJSN is the true winner.

NCT 127 has their comeback with “Superhuman”
WJSN also returned with a summer track “Boogie Up”

Many fans are showing that WJSN totally won against the SM group on every criterias of Show Champion. On digital charts such as MelOn, Genie, Bugs and physical sales on Hanteo,…the Starship girl group was doing better then their opponent.

WJSN’s digital (30%), pre-show vote on Idol Champ (20%) and Genie (20%), physical sales (10%) were all higher than that of NCT 127. The remaining 20% are broadcasting score and critics’ choice (10%).

What’s worth notice is that WJSN won on both voting platform Idol Champ and Genie. However, the trophy still went to NCT 127 and WJSN’s fans are asking for an explanation from Show Champion with the detailed scores.

Answering to this debate, Show Champion said: “At Show Champion, we count the score by 30% digital, 10% physical, 40% vote, 10% critics’ choice and 10% broadcast score. However, we are sorry to say that we cannot reveal our process of choosing the winner. But NCT 127 got higher scores on the remaining criterias which fans haven’t mentioned yet and they won the cup.”

Show Champion’s nominations of last week

Fans are disappointed by how Show Champion has decided to explain the situation. According to the show, how could NCT won just with 20% of the score when WJSN won on 80% of the criteria?

“Superhuman” of NCT 127 has only won 2 cups on Show Champion but 1 of them has already got into some controversy.

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