Park Yoochun got exposed by his 12-year manager: having 50 girlfriends and a shocking personal life

More shocking information about Park Yoochun has come to light.

A Korean source on August 28 revealed that Park Yoochun’s longtime manager continued to denounce and expose the chaotic personal life of the former JYJ’s member. This time, the public was taken aback by the number of people involved and other controversial details.


The manager claimed that after the male singer’s drug and gambling scandal broke out, Park Yoochun did not have an attitude of repentance and self-criticism; instead, he got into more relationships. Yoochun has a total of more than 50 girlfriends. Moreover, he even lives with a married woman.

The public was taken aback by Yoochun’s close manager’s disclosure. According to the iFeng site, this person had supported Yoochun since he left TVXQ 12 years ago. Chinese internet users took to Weibo to express their displeasure: “What’s wrong with him?” “He’s lost his previous image; I’m very disgusted with Yoochun,” “50 girlfriends?”, “How is that possible?”, “Shocked,” etc. 

Ricielo’s company previously revealed that the former JYJ member often gambled in a variety of nations. Yoochun initially lost his bet in Macau and then attempted to claim back his losses in the Philippines. The CEO of Ricielo stated that he has evidence and would give it to the investigating agency soon.


Yoochun has yet to respond to the accusations leveled against him. Meanwhile, netizens seem to be fed up with a series of scandals that have ruined the male singer’s reputation.

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