Fans are spreading a rumor about Song Ji-hyo that seems credible with evidence 

song ji hyo

On October 21st, a fan shared a rumor on Song Ji-hyo Gallery and raised expectations. This fan said, “Song Ji-hyo’s stylists must have been changed. I saw her photos on the Instagram story of a totally new stylist”.

When other netizens expressed their curiosity, they added, “Stylists changed after 5~6 years”.

song ji hyo

On the same day, an article titled “Song Ji-hyo’s change of cordi” was also posted on the online community FM Korea. In this article, another fan said, “Song Ji-hyo recently moved to a new agency and finally got her cordi changed”.

song ji hyo

Fans who made such claims raised rumors based on Song Ji-hyo’s sudden change of her agency. In addition, they also pointed out that the actress’s recent fashion and outfits look prettier and more sophisticated. Many netizens are also saying that the rumor of Song Ji-hyo having her stylists changed seems credible.

song ji hyo

Earlier on October 19th, Uzurocks announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with Song Ji-hyo, saying “We are happy to become family with Song Ji-hyo, who has established a solid recognition and activity base based her acting works, broadcasts and connections. We will provide Song Ji-hyo with full support so that she can take on more challenges in the future. Please show a lot of attention to the new synergy and chemistry between Song Ji-hyo and our agency”.

song ji hyo

However, Song Ji-hyo and her new agency have not yet released any position on the rumors of a cordi change.

Controversies over Song Ji-hyo’s cordi broke out in the past when fans expressed their disappointment in Song Ji-hyo’s fashion and hairstyle at an official event.

Song Ji-hyo

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is receiving huge love for her performance on  SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”.

running man

Source: Wikitree

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