Famous AfreecaTV BJ surprises everyone with her announcement, “You can marry me if you shoot 24 million star balloons”

Cheerleader-turned-AfreecaTV BJ EDayeon talked about getting married.

BJ EDayeon recently appeared on the Youtube channel “Weekly Lee Sang Joon” as a guest and talked about various things related to broadcasting.

BJ EDayeon

While talking with BJ EDayeon, comedian Lee Sang Joon said, “At first, I thought you were just pretty, but the more I meet you, the more attractive you become. How did you end up choosing that hair color?”.

In response, EDayeon said, “Men normally like to meet new women. I used to have short hair. Then I dyed my hair gray and blue, and now I’m having long gray hair”, adding “I often pretend to be a new woman by changing my style”.

BJ EDayeon

When Lee Sang Joon asked, “Don’t you want to get married?”, BJ EDayeon said, “There’s a thing called wedding balloon in our broadcasting room. You can marry me if you shoot 24 million balloons”. In fact, 24 million star balloons can be converted into a large sum of about 2.4 billion won.

She continued, “It can be different each time. I wonder if anyone would make it”, adding “About my ideal type, I like kind-hearted people. I don’t like arrogant people. I want to meet someone who cares about only me and doesn’t have any female friends. I must be the No.1 in the eyes of that person.”

BJ EDayeon

Lee Sang Joon wondered, “Even if someone shoots balloons worth 2.4 billion won, it doesn’t mean they are your ideal type? You said they only need to shoot 24 million balloons to marry you? But if someone spent 2.4 billion won to marry you but spends all his time in his room watching broadcasting cams of other women, is that acceptable?”, drawing laughter.

BJ EDayeon said, “I want him to focus only on me”, adding “If my husband feels okay with my job after getting married, I will continue to do broadcasts. But if he says no, I’ll quit it. I think fans will applaud and cheer for me.”

Source: Wikitree

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