Famous actress whose income was reduced by one-tenth as soon as she publicized her romantic relationship

Actress Lee Bo Young once had a hard time due to her romantic relationship. 

Lee Bo Young made her debut in the entertainment industry as a CF model in 2002. In particular, she modeled for Asiana Airlines and made her face known to the public. 

Lee Bo-young

Lee Bo Young started carrying out acting activities after playing a minor role in MBC’s “Nonstop 3”. Especially, she impressed viewers with her pure visual after taking on various characters with the “first love” image. 

lee bo young

However, due to this image, Park Bo Young suffered a lot after announcing her romantic relationship with actor Ji Sung, who is currently her husband. The actress once shocked everyone when she confessed, “I didn’t get any job after publicizing my relationship. After then, commercials were cut off, and my income decreased by one-tenth although I sometimes appeared on TV”.

Lee Bo-young Jisung

She continued, “Maybe it was because of my ‘first love’ image. That’s why it happened when I said I had a boyfriend”.

In addition, Lee Bo Young said, “Even when I tried to join a project, the co-star said he didn’t want to work with me because I had a boyfriend. I felt hurt a lot back then”, confessing her desire to act.

Ji Sung Lee Bo Young

Later, Lee Bo Young expanded her acting spectrum by challenging various genres to escape from her innocent ‘first love’ image. She transformed into a snobby public attorney in SBS’s drama “I Can Hear Your Voice”. Lee Bo Young also impressed viewers with her desperate emotional acting performance when portraying a mother who can offer her life to save her kidnapped daughter in “God’s Gift – 14 Days”. The actress later left a deep impression on the public with her intense characters in various dramas, such as “Mother” and “Mine”.

lee bo young

Lee Bo Young will make a comeback in JTBC’s new Sat-Sun drama “Agency”, which tells the fierce battle for success at a large advertising agency. Expectations are high on what new look Lee Bo Young, who has built a solid filmography, will present to captivate viewers. “Agency” will premiere on January 7th, 2023.

Source: Daum

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