Famous actress who is in the process of divorcing her chaebol husband belatedly delivered news of her activity

Entertainment activity update of actress Choi Jung-yoon, who is in a divorce process, has been reported.

On October 12th, OSEN reported that actress Choi Jung-yoon had already left WALKHOUSE Company after the expiry of her contract. Accordingly, Choi Jung-yoon has not signed with any new agency since her contract with WORKHOUSE Company ended in late September.

Choi Jung-yoon and her agency reportedly decided to part ways after going through an agreement over whether to renew their contract. Therefore, Choi Jung-yoon is currently working independently without a management agency.

Meanwhile, Choi Jung-yoon surprised everyone when she announced the news of her divorce from her second-generation conglomerate husband Yoon Tae-jun, the eldest son of E-Land Group’s vice chairman and former member of Eagle Five, last year.

The actress appeared on KBS2’s “Live Together with Park Won-sook”, which aired in April, and confessed, “I’m in the process of divorcing. We’ve lived separately for 3 years. I’m also looking for a better direction for my daughter”. She also revealed her honest feelings, saying “If there had been only two of us without the child, we must have been divorced earlier”.

Choi Jung-yoon, who turned 46 this year, made her debut in SBS’s weekend drama “Beautiful My Lady” in 1997. She then established herself as a leading actress by starring in various works, such as “Stock Flower”, “Honest Living”, “Cats on the Roof”, “That Woman Is Scary”, Angel’s Choice”, “Can We Fall in Love, Again?”, “Amor Fati”, etc.

She married Yoon Tae-jun in 2011 and gave birth to her daughter in 2016.

Source: Wikitree

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