“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” script book is also a hit… 5,000 copies in just one day of pre-sale

The drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which recently captivated the small screen, is now sweeping bookstores and boasting tremendous popularity.

According to the online bookstore Yes24 on August 12th, the unabridged script book of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” sold about 5,000 copies in just one day of pre-sale.

The script book, which consists of a total of 2 series, is scheduled to be officially published on September 15th and has been on pre-sale since August 11th.

extraordinary attorney woo

The script book of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which shows signs of success even before its publication, was listed side by side at No.10 and No.11 on Yes24’s overall bestseller list. The combined sales of the two series are among the top bestsellers.

The script book richly contains behind-the-scenes stories of the drama, including the process of writer Moon Ji-won, who wrote the script for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, naming the main character Woo Young-woo.

extraordinary attorney woo

Enthusiastic viewers of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” are raising expectations, saying that they can not only compare the script book with the actual airing scenes, but also get to know characters’ personalities and different charms that were not yet discovered in videos.

Earlier, while “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was receiving explosive attention, some scenes and episodes of the drama were embroiled in a feminism controversy.

Some netizens pointed out that the house address exposed in the breakup scene between Woo Gwang-ho (Jeon Bae-soo) and Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung) is an expression that disparages Korean men.

extraordinary attorney woo

In addition, referring to episode 12 which dealt with the case of Mir Life Insurance’s female employees being recommended voluntary resignation, some netizens complained of displeasure, “It forms a frame that men are perpetrators and women are victims.”

Fortunately, despite controversies, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been showing off its huge sales volume of script books even before publication, proving its high popularity.

extraordinary attorney woo

Meanwhile, in addition to the script book, Yes24 is conducting a special exhibition titled “Do you have your own Dong Geu-ra-mi?” under the theme of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Curations based on famous lines such as “Kimbap is reliable” and “Creating a relationship without trickery” can also be found through the special exhibition.

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