“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” follow-up drama “Good Job” reveals still cuts of Jung Il-woo with a shocking visual in his first meeting with Kwon Yu-ri

Two-shot still cuts of “Good Job” Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri have been released.

ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Good Job” (directed by Kang Min-gu, Kim Seong-jin/ scripted by Kim Jeong-ae, Kwon Hee-kyung), which will premiere at 9 p.m on Wednesday, August 24th, is a heromance (hero + romantic) investigative drama telling the story about a man and a woman with special abilities, chaebol detective Eun Sun-woo (Jung Il-woo) and Don Se-ra (Kwon Yu-ri) who is born with super vision. The drama is raising the viewers’ expectations for a well-made rom-com with great fun.

good job

In the meantime, two-shot photos of Eun Sun-woo and Don Se-ra were released for the first time on August 12th. The still cuts capture the first meeting between the two at a casino. Their cute and pleasant chemistry stands out.

First, Eun Sun-woo, a chaebol chairman dressed up in a neat and dandy suit, draws attention with his glasses, wig, and mustache. The appearance of Eun Sun-woo makes drama fans curious about the reason why he has to wear a weird costume to the casino and laugh at his comical visual.

good job

On the other hand, Don Se-ra, who does several jobs, is seen working hard at the casino. Don Se-ra approaches Eun Sun-woo as if she found something. Don Se-ra faces Eun Sun-woo and has a one-on-one talk with him. Fans are looking forward to the main broadcast of “Good Job” to see what Don Se-ra, who has super vision, notices about Eun Sun-woo and how the two’s relationship, which seems to be unusual from their first meeting, will develop in the future.

good job

In this regard, the production team of “Good Job” shared, “Eun Sun-woo and Don Se-ra leave unforgettable impressions on each other from their first encounter. Please look forward to their intense meeting and how they will unfold their heromance in the future”, adding “Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri portrayed the first meeting between Eun Sun-woo and Don Se-ra with their perfect harmony. Please show a lot of interest in their chemistry that will entertain and excite everyone.”

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