EXO Sehun’s first love romance “All That We Loved” set for release on May 5th

“All That We Loved” released its first teaser poster full of nostalgia and retro sensibility.

TVING’s original series “All That We Loved” depicts the solid friendship and sincere love story of 18-year-old youths who cannot give up love or friendship. The drama deals with the unique subject of cellular memory, which hypothesizes that memory is transferred to organ transplant recipients.

All That We Loved

EXO Sehun plays the main character Go Yoo. 18-year-old high school sophomore Go Yoo is an attractive boy who grows taller every day as well as a genius in basketball. 24 hours are not enough for him to date and he is passionate about protecting Go Joon Hee (Jo Joon Young). However, after Go Yoo donates his kidney to Go Joon Hee, he becomes rivals in love with Go Joon Hee for the school’s No.1 student and his first love Han So Yeon (Jang Yeo Bin) due to cellular memory syndrome. 

The released poster shows the feel of spring and the sticker photos of “Go Yoo”, “Go Joon Hee” and “Han So Yeon” on the notebook. The three characters’ playful and cute childhood appearance stimulates nostalgia. Here, the phrase “18, those days” and the title “All That We Loved” vaguely depict the friendship and love that filled the hot spring of youth. It amplifies viewers’ curiosity about whether the three’s friendship and love are ongoing.

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“All That We Loved” completed its lineup with representative stars of the MZ generation, including Oh Sehun (EXO Sehun), who exuded a brilliant presence in works such as the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” and the movie “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”, Jo Joon Young, who impressed viewers as a youth romance icon through the drama “IDOL: The Coup” and the movie “A Year-End Medley”, and Jang Yeo Bin, a rising rookie star who is currently active as a scene stealer in tvN’s “Our Blooming Youth”.

“All That We Loved” will be released on TVING on May 5th.

Source: joynew24

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