EXID’s Hani drew attention for ageless beauty in decade-old photos

EXID’s Hani recently posted a picture from 10 years ago, which proved her ageless beauty.  

Recently, the idol-actress Hani posted two photos on Instagram with the caption: “10 years ago today. Crazy”. 


The two photos are selfies taken at what seems like a practice room. In those, Hani was holding a lollipop and showing her cute and youthful charms. Her small face, big eyes, tall nose, and glowing skin quickly became the talk of the town. People were also wowed by the idol-actress’s fresh and innocent visuals, despite her wearing very little makeup.   

At the photos, netizens expressed their surprise and showed warm reactions. 


Some comments from the netizens: 

  • It’s Hani 3 months since debut
  • She’s so cute
  • The candy adds to her charms  
  • She looks almost like a baby 

Hani, who debuted in 2012 with the Kpop group EXID, was a popular idol with hit songs such as “Up and Down”, “D.D.D”, and “Ah Yeah”. She first gained attention through a viral fancam of her performing “Up and Down”. 


Since then, Hani has been picking up various acting projects and variety shows, and has made a name for herself with series like “Idol: The Coup”, “XX”, “You Raise Me Up”, and the movie “Young Adults Matters”. 


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