Entertainment reporter’s shocking revelation… “Idol trainees create a community of prostitutes”

It has been argued that idol trainees create a community of prostitutes and introduce jobs to each other.

Ilgan Sports reporter Jung Jin-young appeared on the podcast “Jung Young-jin and Choi Wook’s Maebul Show”, which aired on August 15th, and mentioned the connection between the entertainment industry and the prostitution industry.

Reporter Jung said, “Until the late 2000s, agencies introduced trainees to adult entertainment establishments. However, these days, it’s not easy to match with the prostitution industry because parents are involved in every move of trainees and there are trainees who already have fans.”

idol trainee

But now, there are hardly any examples of agencies connecting idol trainees with adult entertainment establishments. Instead, there are many cases where idol trainees voluntarily fall into adult entertainment establishments by setting up a community of prostitutes among themselves.

Reporter Jung revealed, “It’s not that there are no idol trainees who join the prostitution industry. I heard that those who already have sponsors or have set foot in adult entertainment establishments introduce other trainees.”

idol trainee

Hearing this, critic Kim Gap-soo emphasized, “I don’t think it’ll be a big problem unless they’re minors. Systematizing this is a problem. However, it’s individual freedom to fall into the prostitution industry as an adult.”

Source: wikitree

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