Enhypen Jay apologizes for his inappropriate remarks about Korean history

Enhypen Jay’s recent remarks about Korean history sparked controversies.

Jay and another member hosted a Weverse Live broadcast on January 10th. When the member commented that Korean history is interesting, Jay said, “I like studying history, but there are not many events and things to learn about Korean history. If you study it or look through it, it might take only a few weeks and end quickly. It’s like a short story”.

Jay enhypen

He added, “The histories of some other countries are really endless. I’ve read about the histories of many different countries and there seem to be no end. Korean history was all about just before Balhae (a multi-ethnic kingdom whose land extends to what is today Northeast China, the Korean Peninsula and the Russian Far East) until a little later after the Three Kingdoms period. I looked through it very quickly. While studying history, I kept wondering ‘That’s it? Why did I finish this earlier than I thought?’.”

Jay’s remarks immediately spread to various SNS sites and online communities and caused a stir. Netizens poured out criticism on the Enhypen member, saying “I’m speechless”, “What are you talking about?”, “A short story?”, “This guy doesn’t even know what he’s talking about”, etc.

Jay enhypen

As the controversy intensified, Jay then posted his apology through the fan community Weverse on January 11th. He said, “I was really shocked when seeing fans’ reactions after the Weverse Live broadcast. For whatever reason, I sincerely apologize for making everyone feel uncomfortable”.

He continued, “I was too careless when talking about such an important topic like Korean history only based on my personal impression. It was not the thing for me to comment on with my insufficient knowledge”, adding “Today was an opportunity for me to once again realize that I still have many things to learn”.

Jay enhypen

Jay apologized, “I didn’t intend to take the proud history of our country lightly, but I saw many comments saying they felt that way through my words. That’s my mistake and I’m really sorry”.

Lastly, he said, “In the future, I will be more careful when talking and learn more to become an artist that ENGENEs won’t be ashamed of. I’ll always learn more from you all”.


Source: wikitree

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