“Eden 2” continues to be controversial with its excessive directing that focuses on body exposure and absurd remarks

“Eden 2” once again caused controversies over sensationalism, making viewers lose their interest.

IHQ’s entertainment program “Eden, Descendants of Instinct Season 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Eden 2”) aired its 3rd episode on November 29th. After creating provocative scenes with bolder exposure and more physical affection scenes than in the previous season, “Eden 2” now makes viewers sigh with their directing that repeats and utilizes the cast’s remarks that crossed the line.

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“Eden” is a program in which the cast members find their true love in “Eden House”, where nights are hotter than days, based on the conditions of the person to whom they are instinctively attracted. “Eden” added the rules for men and women to live in the same house, and tried to differentiate itself from other entertainment shows by introducing missions that required exposure, such as playing couple dodgeball in swimsuits.

At the time Season 1 was broadcasted, the way the show focused on excessive physical contact between the cast members, affectionate remarks and scenes that reminded viewers of sex, as well as bed dates sparked controversies. In particular, negative public opinion intensified as “Eden” marked its show as 15+.


However, the production team seems to have misunderstood the public’s criticism as viewers’ interest and expectations toward the program. Therefore, they decided to present bolder and sexier scenes. For example, a female cast appeared in the first episode wearing a swimsuit with a nude tone that is similar to the color of her skin, and the MCs kept commenting on the swimsuit. The production team intentionally replayed the scenes where female cast members’ bodies were revealed during the MCs’ conversation.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

The swimsuit couple dodgeball appeared in episode 2 and the director once again focused on the scenes where the cast had no choice but to stay exceptionally close to each other while playing the game. In the couple yoga dating scenes, in which a female cast had to climb onto the body of a male cast to perform a pose, the show also added subtitles that reminded people of sexual actions. 

In episode 3 aired on November 29th, the excessive directing of the production team raised viewers’ rage to the peak with the bed date scenes. While lying on the same bed, the female cast asked, “Are you good at XX?”. The production team suddenly muted the last part, making the MCs excitedly try to infer what XX was. This scene was repeated several times, and MC even shouted the absurd word loudly.

As a result, even people who have been watching “Eden 2” from the beginning criticized the production team, saying “They should at least change the rating to restrict young viewers”. 

Many viewers have started to lose interest and drop the show. While recent successful dating programs focused on capturing the psychological changes in the emotions of the cast members, “Eden 2” tried to show the bodies of the cast as much as they could. However, it’s time the production team look back on their own problems as “Eden 2” is not as popular as Season 1 despite revealing bolder exposure.

Source: Daum

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