A legendary singer made billions of won but received nothing, a money problem spreading through the industry

As singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is in conflict with his agency due to the pending music revenue, the public are shocked to hear that singer Kim Wan Sun has not received any profit in 13 years.

Channel A’s “Happy Morning,” which aired on Nov 30th, dealt with the theme of “stars who cried and laughed because of their managers,” and Kim Wan Sun was mentioned following Lee Seung Gi’s case.

Kim Wan-seon

Manager Han Baek Hee is Korea’s first female manager and the one who discovered and raised the best female singer of the time, Kim Wan Sun. She is also Kim Wan Sun’s aunt. With her special eye and skill, she discovered singer In Soon I and successfully raised Kim Wan Sun as the Madonna of Korea.

In a broadcast in 2011, Kim Wan Sun made a shocking confession, saying, “I did not receive a single won in profits from my first album in 1986 to our breakup in 1998.”

Kim Wan-seon

In her heyday, Kim Wan Sun could even buy three houses with a month’s income if she worked hard. As of 2014, she earned nearly 1 billion won a month, but Kim Wan Sun did not receive any money.

As Kim Wan Sun debuted in her late teens, she explained, “I didn’t know about money at the time and I was satisfied with what I could at the time.”

Kim Wan-seon

Kim Wan Sun’s aunt manager did not settle the money for Kim Wan Sun, and insisted that she only bought two pieces of new clothes every season for 13 years and did not spend that money. Kim’s aunt had a husband, and they spent 1.4 billion won on their business. It was said that the money was used to pay off debts, which surprised everyone.

Also, Kim Wan Sun had another conflict with her manager. Kim Wan Sun actually had no choice in the choreography and music. There was no song that was chosen according to Kim Wan Sun’s will, due to which Kim Wan Sun had a hard time.

Kim Wan-seon

As an adult, Kim Wan Sun’s only freedom was to get a driver’s license and watch the early morning movie as soon as she has her ID card. She even had to be thoroughly monitored for her body shape, which affected her eating habit since young.

Source: OSEN

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