Dynamite hit 17 million likes, 12 times faster than the world record of Despacito!

BTS’s Dynamite breaking another world record seems “normal” for ARMY these days.

Currently, MV Dynamite has also reached 312.6 million views, steadily increasing views proving the attraction of BTS in this comeback “exploding” as the name of the song.

Besides, the MV is still standing in the top 4 YouTube trends in Korea after more than 2 weeks of release, fans of the Big Hit boys in Vietnam are really crowded! However, the fact that BTS’s Dynamite MV has officially reached 17 million likes within 16 days and 15 hours has helped the group achieve a new impressive record.

Specifically, with 17 million likes after 16 days and 15 hours, Dynamite has also surpassed the global “super hit” Despacito of Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber became the fastest 17 million likes MV ever. Despacito took more than 200 days to reach the above figure, the speed of Dynamite is nearly 12 times faster, really a huge achievement!

Besides, BTS also became the first artist in the world to own 2 MVs with 17 million likes on YouTube. The other MV is BTS’s combination product with Halsey – Boy With Luv – but this MV takes 493 days to reach the above milestone. 

In terms of general situation around the world, Dynamite only takes 17 days to reach the top 10 MV with the largest likes in history, surely with its current popularity, Dynamite will reach high milestones.

In terms of Kpop, Dynamite is currently ranked 4th and can completely reach the first place.

(Update: 12:00 on September 7, 2020)

01. Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong – 20,18 million

02. Gangnam Style – PSY – 19,2 million

03. Boy With Luv – BTS ft. Halsey – 18,01 million

04. Dynamite – BTS – 17 million

05. DNA – BTS – 15,97 million

The joy continues when BTS almost secures the second place on Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite this week, based on last-minute forecast figures, continuing to write a unprecedented chapter of Kpop and Asian music.

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