BTS were backup dancers for a hologram singer, surprising facts about global most popular group

Korean netizens are not only surprised but also admire BTS and their desire to stand on stage.

Like many other Kpop idols, BTS used to be backup dancers for their seniors of the same company before debut. But few people know that the 7 members used to be backup dancers for a hologram singer just to stand on the stage.

Recently, this moment has been “rediscovered” and made a stir in the Korean online community. The stage they mentioned was when GLAM – BTS’s senior performed the song ‘Glamorous’ with the participation of hologram singer SeeU at the music program Inkigayo.

SeeU is a virtual character, built on the image of GLAM member Dahee. In the first stage of SeeU, BTS members SUGA, Jimin, j-hope, and Jungkook acted as backup dancers, dancing beside GLAM.

GLAM’s Inkigayo stage took place in July 2012 – 1 year before BTS’s official debut. The boys were still anonymous faces back then, so many people didn’t recognize them. Now that BTS is famous, becoming a global star, this moment makes netizens admire and touched. BTS aspires to stand on stage so much that they do not hesitate to be backup dancers for a hologram singer, and this also shows how hard the group has worked.

Korean netizens commented:

– Well, these guys have been diligent even when they are backup dancers. 

– OMG, Bang PD, who are you?

– They’re even backup dancers for virtual singers, really diligent.

– I used to be a fan of vocaloid (hologram singers, created by software) but I never knew those dancers were BTS members.

– Wondering how much the group yearned for their own stage.

– The group had done all kinds of work before becoming famous.

Besides being backup dancers for hologram singers, BTS also participated in the MV and were dancers of Big Hit Entertainment’s artists such as Jokwon (2AM) or GLAM. Thanks to the past learning from their seniors, the 7 boys have accumulated a lot of valuable performance experiences, they are now called the “stage king”.

Sources: allkpop

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