During recording… A famous actor mentions having a big argument with his ex-lover in the middle of Myeong-dong

A famous actor in his 19th year of debut mentioned an argument with his ex-girlfriend in the middle of a street in Myeong-dong, Seoul during a broadcast recording.

Actor Go Joo-won (40 years old) appeared on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on Sep 16th, and shared his concerns about marriage.

On this day, Go Joo-won expressed his candid feelings, “I haven’t thought about marriage yet. The girlfriend I dated before wanted to get married, but I was scared. I think it’s a choice and decision with unlimited responsibility. ‘Can I do it well? Will I be able to manage married life well?’ I think so. Even now, I’m afraid of marriage.”

He continued, “I’m afraid I’ll fail. My personality is like… I’ll close the door of my heart right away once I feel that it’s not for me. Rather than falling in love with the other person, I just end it when I feel ‘I’m done with this person’. Marriage means that I have to be with another person for the rest of my life, but I’m scared that I’ll fail because of my personality.”

He also mentioned an anecdote with his ex-girlfriend in the past. Go Joo-won recalled, “I once argued loudly with my ex-lover in the middle of Myeong-dong. I could hear my screaming voice, and I looked very pathetic. I still vividly remember it now. It remains like a trauma.”

He added, “So if there’s a dispute, I just avoid it. It seems like a bad personality, but I don’t change. It’s kind of hard to ask for understanding. It’s also hard to tolerate even if the other person makes only one mistake.”

Hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed, “He’s biased towards heterosexual people. He seems to be unable to accept other views when it comes to interpersonal relationships that he thinks are right. The moment he realizes the difference, he thinks that he can no longer go with this person. He usually says that it’s difficult for him to express his feelings, but he can’t even notice it.”

Go Joo-won debuted as a model in 2003. After that, he started acting and made his name known through dramas such as KBS1’s “Bizarre Bunch”, KBS2’s “Famous Chil Princesses” and SBS’ “The King and I”.

Source: wikitree

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