“Driving backward + drunk driving,” the leader of Im Si-wan and Kwang-hee’s idol group got into a controversy over drunk driving

YouTuber Caracula revealed that Moon Joon-young, leader of the group ZE:A, drove under the influence of alcohol. 

YouTuber Caracula said in a live broadcast on Mar 7th, “On Mar 6th (Seoul), a K5 vehicle entered a one-way road in reverse near Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, and ran into a Rolls-Royce vehicle. The K5 driver slammed on his car horn to tell the other to get out of the way, and suddenly got off and yelled at him. At that time, A smelled a lot of alcohol. So the Rolls-Royce car owner reported the K5 car owner to the police for suspected drunk driving.” 

Caracula said, “After that, a police officer has been dispatched from the Gangnam Police Station to measure A’s alcohol level, and A has a measurement result equivalent to 0.113%, which can be considered as drunk driving. This man is Moon Joon-young, the leader of idol group ZE:A, who many people might know”. 

Caracula then revealed her identity, saying, “Moon Joon-young has already drunk driven once in 2018. This is his second time being caught doing this. Professionals claimed that “drunk driving” is likely to stick to Moon Joon-young’s future activities in the entertainment industry”.

In this regard, WikiTree made a separate contact to hear Moon Joon-young‘s position, but cannot contact him. 

Moon Joon-young debuted in 2010 in ZE:A with Kwang-hee, Im Si-wan, Park Hyung-sik, Kim Dong-joon, Kim Tae-heon, Jung Hee-chul, Ha Min-woo, and Kevin, and promoted as the leader of the group.

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