“Doctor Cha” Kim Byung Chul: An Irreplaceably Adorable Villain

Actor Kim Byung Chul is boasting an irreplaceable presence in “Doctor Cha” despite playing an antagonist. 

In the currently airing JTBC weekend drama “Doctor Cha,” Kim Byung Chul plays Dr. Seo In Ho, the husband of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) and the head of the Department of Colorectal Surgery. 


The drama achieved its highest viewership rating of 18.9% (based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area standard) in episode 10 broadcast on May 14th, ranking first in combined TV and OTT drama popularity for two consecutive weeks. 

Kim Byung Chul has been consistently maintaining the 2nd place in the actor category popularity, proving his high level of buzzworthiness.

Seo In Ho is a challenging character, as he needs to maintain dignity while being comical and engage in all sorts of misdeeds despite receiving the love of two women, his wife and mistress. 


Kim Byung Chul caught the attention of the production team when they were searching for the perfect fit for this role. He is demonstrating his outstanding ability to flawlessly portray Seo In Ho, a socially conscious, image-conscious, and highly self-centered character.

Kim Byung Chul’s brilliant performance, which properly captures the charm of Seo In Ho, has enhanced the fun of “Doctor Cha.” 

Kim Byung Chul created a character that viewers cannot hate, despite him engaging in infidelity and an extramarital affair. In the face of serious situations, his comedic elements shine through. The combination of comedy and clumsiness brings laughter to the audience. 


As the second act of “Doctor Cha” unfolds, Seo In Ho is facing a crisis due to his double life being exposed. However, this crisis is being used as a source of laughter. 

An example is the scene where Kim Byung Chul’s face is placed on a birthday cake by his wife. The revelation of his double life leads to Uhm Jung Hwa’s revenge, which results in Kim Byung Chul’s comically humiliating situation. His expression, filled with bewilderment, brilliantly captures the scene.

In addition, the triangle romance between Kim Byung Chul and Uhm Jung Hwa’s character, where he discovers a new charm in his wife Cha Jung Sook, turns him into a personification of jealousy. 

Seo In Ho gets drunk and reveals his marriage with Cha Jung Sook to the entire hospital. He grabs the microphone while heavily intoxicated and exclaims, “Honey!”


The unpredictable actions of the main villain, combined with Kim Byung Chul’s comedic timing, adorableness, and cheerfulness, transformed him into an irreplaceable character.

Kim Byung Chul, who made his debut in 2003, spent a considerable amount of time in anonymity. There was a period when he was not cast in any work, but he overcame it by reading books related to acting and participating in classes. 

Kim Byung Chul had hopes of succeeding, but he didn’t know if it would actually happen. However, since the acting job itself is meaningful and enjoyable to him, he was able to continue.

Source: Daum

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