“Distribute sesame oil and aronia juice” Recent status of Won Bin, who became a real “farmer” while enjoying rural life

The recent status of Won Bin, who has been taking a long break from acting, has been delivered.

Recently, a post titled “Looking at Won Bin’s recent status the other day, I heard that Won Bin did cooking classes, squeezed sesame oil and distributed it to his acquaintances” was uploaded on the online community “theqoo”.

The original poster (OP) mentioned Won Bin‘s appearance, “Why does a person who enjoys rural life have such clean and pretty skin?

In addition, a woman who appears to be close to Won Bin and Lee Na Young wrote on SNS, “Aronia juice made by couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young themselves. I went to exercise after a long time and got it! It’s so bitter that I can’t drink it as raw juice. If I drink something bitter like this, can I become pretty like Na Young?

won bin

From this, it can be seen that Won Bin and Lee Na Young are enjoying a simple life, such as farming at home and distributing harvests to people around them.

Netizens responded enthusiastically to Won Bin’s recent status, such as “He’s living a happy life“, “I want his sesame oil“, “I can’t believe Won Bin is doing farm work and squeezing sesame oil“, “He must be the most handsome farmer in the world“…

Meanwhile, Won Bin has been taking a break from acting since the movie “The Man from Nowhere” released in 2010, and only shows his face through advertisements. Even advertisements are shot once every few years, so his status is not easily known.

He married his wife Lee Na Young in 2015 and welcomed his son the same year.

Source: Wikitree

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