“Disband if failing to achieve 100,000 album sales during unit activities”…From Kim Yoo Yeon to Kim Chae Yeon, tripleS’ debut

tripleS debuted as a 10-member unit dimension (Yoon Seo Yeon, Jeong Hye Rin, Lee Ji Woo, Kim Chae Yeon, Kim Yoo Yeon, Kim Soo Min, Kim Na Kyoung, Gong Yu Bin, Kaede, Seo Da Hyun).

On the afternoon of Feb 13th, tripleS held a press showcase to commemorate the release of their new album “ASSEMBLE” at Blue Square, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.


tripleS drew attention with their unique team structure. tripleS consists of a total of 24 members, and works as units. The first unit came out last year, and they will officially debut as a 10-member team this time.


In particular, it is known that if the album sales do not exceed 100,000 copies, a new album cannot be released for the same unit combination.

Meanwhile, member Kim Yoo Yeon is a student at Ewha Womans University’s College of Education. She gained popularity by appearing on MBC’s audition program “My Teenage Girl”.


Member Kim Chae Yeon previously worked under girl group Busters and also served as an MC for EBS’ “Tok! Tok! Boni Hani”. This time, she will make a re-debut with tripleS.

Source: nate

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