Did Jeon Soyeon date Changmo? The lyrics of (G)I-DLE’s new song “LIAR” is a current hot topic

Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-DLE is making headlines for using lyrics reminiscent of rapper Changmo in her group’s new song “LIAR.”


Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-DLE is making headlines for using lyrics reminiscent of rapper Changmo in her group’s new song “LIAR.” As the lyrics of “LIAR” is about lovers who already parted ways, speculation is being raised that the two may have been in a past relationship.

Recently, various online communities and SNS posted an article claiming that Jeon So-yeon dissed Changmo. The most notable part of “LIAR,” a track in (G)I-DLE’s first full-length album “I NEVER DIE” which was released at 6 p.m. on Mar 14th, is the rap part known to have been written by Jeon So-yeon herself.


Jeon So-yeon said in the lyrics of the song, “I followed you, but your mom said she didn’t like it, tell her that I didn’t like it either,” “You tell me to mind my own business, look at that attitude,” “Say it to my face, not behind my back, even though you’re not even here,” “Before treating your next lover like a baby, get your spelling right first, kid.”

Many netizens claimed that the lyrics “Get your spellings right, kid” aimed at Changmo. In fact, Changmo was criticized for not being able to distinguish between “doe” and “dwae” through SNS in April last year.


At the time, Changmo refuted, “What part of life do ‘doe’ and ‘dwae’ take? Stop saying things like that because it’s been going on for 5 years. I don’t want to argue about spellings. There may be changes such as ‘doe’ to ‘dwae’ or ‘dwae’ to ‘doe’ in the future.”

In addition, “kid (aiya)” mentioned in the lyrics by Jeon So-yeon is also the name of a track in Changmo‘s second full album.


Regarding this, netizens expressed various reactions such as “It would be awesome if the two met”, “The lyrics are obviously targeting Changmo”, “Does Changmo know this?”, “Jeon So-yeon and Changmo? They don’t match at all”…

Meanwhile, Changmo announced the news of his enlistment through SNS on March 14th, “I’ll join the army in 10 minutes. I’ll see you again in a year and a half. Please listen to the single that is scheduled to be released at 6 o’clock today. I wish you all a happy year.”

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