Despite their busy schedule, these stars visited their fans privately and gave them unforgettable memories 

Recently, the stories of kind celebrities who have given warm hearts to their fans are drawing attention.

These stars took time to meet their fans privately and made unforgettable memories with them, spreading warm stories.

Oh Jungse

Despite the fact that they work in entertainment that is full of schedules and have a busy daily life, they still make time for their fans. Compliments are continuously poured on their warm nature.

Let’s take a look at celebrities who have left impressive and pleasant memories for their fans.

Actor Oh Jung-se


In 2020, actor Oh Jung-se met cellist Bae Bum-joon, who asked to meet him in person, and enjoyed an amusement park date together.

Bae Bum-joon, who suffers from an intellectual disability, became a fan after seeing Oh Jung-se playing the role of Moon Sang-tae, a character who also suffers from a developmental disability, in the tvN drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” aired in 2020.

Oh Jung Se 0712211 1

Bae Beom-jun asked Oh Jung-se out to meet him through his younger sister, and Oh readily accepted.

Oh Jung-se recently met with Bae Bum-joon again after social distancing policy was lifted. They reportedly enjoyed an amusement park date again like two years ago, drawing much attention.

Singer IU

Singer IU attended the wedding of a guest of her age whom she met on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay” and sang a congratulatory song for the couple.

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In July 2019, various online communities were surprised as IU posted a post of her singing at a wedding in Busan.

IU only met this friend briefly through the “Hyori’s Homestay” program, but she kept her loyalty with her.

Even though IU had a schedule in Seoul that afternoon, she reportedly went down to Busan particularly for that friend’s wedding.

Singer Lee Seok-hoon

SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok-hoon once attended the wedding of a fan who has liked him for almost a decade and sang a congratulatory song for her marriage. 


When he guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” in 2017, Lee Seok-hoon told the story, “During the wedding season, we received plenty of offers to sing congratulatory songs at weddings, but most of the time we rejected them. However, when a 9-year fan contacted me on SNS that she was getting married, I decided to sing at her big day.”


Lee Seok-hoon turned the wedding venue into a live concert as he brought a romantic song with his sweet vocals as a wedding gift to the fan who even went to his concert with her husband. Lee Seok-hoon’s way of showing gratitude to his long-time fan has moved netizens deeply.

Singer Sunmi


Sunmi never forgets to keep her promise to her long-time fans. Back in January 2020, Sunmi sang a congratulatory song at the wedding of two Wonder Girls fans of 14 years. 

Earlier in 2019, Sunmi met this fan couple at the guerrilla dating segment of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly”, and she willingly offered to sing at their wedding.

sunmi jennie225537

Sunmi eventually did not forget this special promise and actually sang her iconic hit ‘Gashina’ at the two fans’ wedding when they tied the knot, giving the couple unforgettable memories. After this story was shared, netizens all expressed how impressed they are with Sunmi’s loyalty

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