Despite suspected suffering from discrimination against “married women”, Aiki still rises to 1 million SNS followers

Dancer Aiki celebrated her 1 million SNS followers amid allegations that she was discriminated against for being a “married woman with a child.” 

On Nov 25th, Aiki posted a post on her Instagram to celebrate surpassing 1 million followers.  She said, “I will always owe this to those who love me,” and added, “Thank you for 1 million.” Along with this article, Aiki added a photo of her in a red suit to entertain her fans. 

Earlier, an article was posted on an online community saying that Aiki used to be ignored in the dancer scene. A, who wrote the article, claimed that Aiki was discriminated against because she started dancing late due to marriage and childbirth. 

Aiki 1 million SNS followers

They also added, “Aiki was never given any award no matter how enthusiastic she is in joining domestic competitions,” adding, “They didn’t accept her genre, which is a combination of Latin and hip-hop, because it’s not orthodox.”  A also mentioned that the U.S. dance competition “World of Dance” (NBC) watched Aiki’s dance video on Facebook and decided to cast her while she “didn’t even receive a participation award in Korea.” 

Aiki 1 million SNS followers

In the mentioned broadcast, Aiki ranked fourth in the final, drawing a lot of attention. The post continues to claim that despite these achievements, she went mainly to overseas performances because she could not enjoy any halo in Korea.  

Many dancers who saw A’s post also expressed their sympathy. Another dancer wrote a comment saying, “The most shocking thing I heard was someone who said about Aiki that, “Now that that woman won the ‘World of Dance’, she is just a married woman with a kid, who used to dance sport but now running wild saying she is doing street dancing,” adding, ‘That’s what the people there said while drinking and talking behind her back after events.’ 

Aiki 1 million SNS followers

Despite the suspicion of her being ignored in the dancer community, Aiki has not expressed her personal position regarding this.  Aiki is currently participating in the Street Woman Fighterconcert and MBC’s “My Teenage Girl”, carrying out a busier schedule than ever.


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