Debate over male idols’ “armpit hair removal”… SHINee Key’s honest statement

SHINee Key revealed his belief about male idols’ hair removal.

On Sep 1st, a video titled “Armpit hair…The story of hair removal…The program has been impaired” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Yong-jin’s Health Center”.

When Key said that he was the only one who wears shorts among SHINee members, Lee Yong-jin asked, “Do you shave then?” Key answered, “I occasionally do it. Nowadays there’s even a discussion about the appropriate length for male idols’ armpit hair.”

Lee Yong-jin suggested, “Just like the ‘Perilla leaf controversy’, let’s talk about this issue.” Key honestly confessed, “I don’t want to look like a person who didn’t have puberty. Because I need to film the music video, I cleaned a bit.”

Lee Yong-jin made everyone burst into laughter as he said, “Key is holding the key for the standard of idols’ armpit hair. I have both leg and armpit hair. But I always do Brazilian. I’m a perverted guy.”

Source: wikitree

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