“Dancing Queens on the Road” Hwasa recalls an old dance, “Thanks to BoA, I became famous at school”

Singers Hwasa and BoA performed their shaking dances to the song “My Name”.

tvN’s entertainment program “Dancing Queens on the Road” aired the first episode on May 25th and showed the members holding a meeting before going on the stage.

That day, Kim Wan Sun jokingly said, “Hyori always says she’s retiring, but she’s the most hard-working person”. Lee Hyo Ri replied, “Dancing is very tiring, but I feel proud when going on stage”.


After a while, the members recalled the performances in their heyday and mentioned several songs of memories. In particular, Hwasa said, “I performed the song ‘My Name’ of BoA sunbaenim at a sports competition in the first year of my middle school and became popular”, adding “At that time, almost all the applications for ‘Cyworld’ requests mentioned ‘My Name’”.


Later, Hwasa and BoA performed a short dance performance of “My Name” at the request of the members. Watching the two dancing, others exclaimed, “Their shaking dances are amazing”.

Meanwhile, “Dancing Queens on the Road” depicts the national concert tour in which Korea’s top artists, such as Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, BoA, and Hwasa, travel around the country, enter the daily lives of people, meet fans face to face and enjoy music together.

Source: Daum

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