Cute Interaction with a Child Shows that D.O. Knows Many EXO Fans Have Become Mothers 

EXO’s D.O. debuted 11 years ago and is now 30, so he’s aware that many of his fans have gotten married and given birth. 

In the new episode of “No Math School Trip FINALE,” as EXO D.O. interacted with the young children, a curious boy approached him and innocently asked, “What’s your name?” 

D.O. broke into a warm smile and playfully responded, “Just tell your mom that I’m EXO, and she will know who I am.” Little did he know that his lighthearted remark would soon be met with an astonishing reaction from the boy’s mother.


The mom later drove up to collect her child. True to D.O.’s prediction, the mother immediately recognized him and let out a scream of pure excitement, shouting his name “Do Kyung Soo!” 

The joy and surprise in her voice echoed the sentiments of countless EXO fans who were fans of the group since early days and have now become mothers. 

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