Current whereabouts of a figure skater who started acting 10 years ago to learn Kim Yuna’s facial expressions 

This former child actress started acting for a very special reason. 

Actress Jung Ji So, who is best known for her role in the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” and tvN’s drama “The Cursed” even won national championships in figure skating.  

jung ji so

Jung Ji So was a figure skater until 2012 and made her acting debut in MBC’s drama “May Queen,” starring as Son Eun Seo’s child. There was also a scene of Jung Ji So figure skating in “May Queen.”

Jung Ji So continued her acting career by taking on child roles of top actresses such as Goo Hye Sun, Ha Ji Won, Han Ji Min, and Han Hyo Joo. Her first acting gig as an adult was in the movie “Parasite”, where she played Dahye, the daughter of the wealthy Park’s family.

jung ji so

By the time she was filming “Parasite”, she changed her name from Hyun Seung Min to Jung Ji So. She became well-known to the public thanks to the success of “Parasite”. Although she only took on a supporting role, with her solid acting skills accumulated from her child actor days, Jung Ji So’s performance definitely showed her potential as an adult actor.

Following the worldwide success of “Parasite”, Jung Ji So was selected to play the main character of tvN’s drama “The Cursed”. Although it was her first drama lead role, she led the work well and drew positive reviews for her stable acting skills.

jung ji so

As she tries daring short cuts to break away from her cute student image, she does a great job of portraying her back, Sojin, with the two faces of a cold-hearted and naive high school girl.  It’s meaningful to her in that it completely strips her childish image and completely shakes off her anxiety about her lead role and her adult acting.

Jung Ji So excellently portrayed Baek So Jin, a high school girl with two faces, innocent, naive on the outside but cold-blooded on the inside. With her convincing performance, Jung Ji So succeeded in removing her child star’s image.

jung ji so

Not only showing off her talent in both figure skating and acting, Jung Ji So is also famous for her singing skills. In KBS’s drama “Imitation”, she played Maha, a member of the girl group Tiffany that released an album and appeared on music shows.

Jung Ji So received favorable reviews for appearing under the pseudonym Emma Stone in an audition for the female project music group WSG Wannabe on MBC’s entertainment show “Hangout With Yoo”. She also worked in the unit ‘Gaya G’ with Lee Boram, Soyeon, and Park Hyewon.

jung ji so

Jung Ji So’s next work is the drama “Curtain Call” led by Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won. “Curtain Call” is a KBS drama that premieres on October 31st, telling the story of people involved in the greatest scam pulled by a man who has received an unprecedented mission to fulfill the wishes of a dying grandmother. 

It is expected that Jung Ji So, who plays Seo Yoon Hee, a secret elite who pretends to be a fake couple with her unrequited love, will be able to reveal her grown acting skills once again in “Curtain Call”.

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