The reason Netflix announced an “indefinite” temporary postponement for Chae Soo-bin’s new drama “The Fabulous”

The release of Netflix’s new series “The Fabulous”, which was scheduled to premiere on Nov 4th, has been postponed indefinitely.

“The Fabulous” drew much attention from the beginning of its production as a new drama starring actress Chae Soo-bin and SHINee Choi Min-ho.

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On Oct 31st, Netflix said, “Since there is a national mourning period for the unfortunate accident that happened recently, the production presentation for ‘The Fabulous’ scheduled for Nov 2nd has been temporarily postponed”, adding “The drama’s release date, which was set for Nov 4th, will also be temporarily postponed”.

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Earlier on Oct 29th, a large-scale crowd crush occurred in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul ahead of Halloween Day. According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters as of 11 a.m on Nov 2nd, 156 deaths and 172 injuries have been confirmed. Accordingly, the government decided to hold a national mourning period from Oct 30th until Nov 5th.

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Since then, almost all broadcasters and channels have canceled entertainment programs and drama broadcasts during the national mourning period. However, Netflix didn’t set a specific new broadcasting schedule for “The Fabulous” and decided to announce an “indefinite” temporary postponement.

According to SPOTV News on Nov 2nd, the reason for this decision is that “The Fabulous” contains a scene of the Halloween festival. The music video for “The Fabulous” OST, which was previously released on Oct 28th, also included a short Halloween scene filmed using flycams.

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It is said that this Halloween scene was not simply added to attract viewers’ attention, but it contains emotional lines that are necessary for the further development of the drama. Therefore, if the scene is removed from the drama, the flow of the story may be disrupted. Also, it is not easy to re-shoot it considering the subtitle works for overseas distribution on Netflix. Although the Halloween scene was filmed and edited before the Itaewon disaster, Netflix seems to have made this decision in consideration of the national sentiment and the pain of the bereaved families. 

Netflix’s “The Fabulous” is a hyperrealistic romantic drama that depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of young people who devote their lives to the fashion world, which is written as ‘fashion’ but read as ‘passion’. Choi Min-ho and Chae Soo-bin will lead the series. The premiere schedule of the drama has been postponed indefinitely due to the disaster that occurred a week before its release date. 

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