Cosmopolitan Korea lists sporty moments of MZ generation celebrities (Jennie, Rosé, Jang Won-young and more)

These are the exercising moments of MZ celebrities such as Jennie, Rosé, and Wonyoung this winter!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Rosé, IVE’s Jang Won-young, Jeon So-mi, Red Velvet’s Yeri are also in love with exercising. If you are curious about the winter sports life of the MZ generation these days, pay attention!

Wonyoung => Flying yoga

IVE Jang Won-young‘s flying yoga photo proves that there are people who have never watched Won-young, but no one who has watched her only watches her once. Her perfect body line and flexibility automatically make you drop your mouth! Flying yoga is said to be good for spinal alignment, pelvic correction, and leg edema, so Jang Won-young‘s straight posture and long legs may be thanks to flying yoga.   

Jeon Somi => Skiing

When you think of winter, you think of the leisure sport skiing! Jeon So-mi had her winter moments with a skiing photo this season. If you thought skiing was a simple leisure activity, you’re wrong! Since its activation of cardiopulmonary organs strengthens immune function and helps relieve menstrual pain by balancing joints, do you want to try skiing like Somi before winter passes?   

Jennie => Hiking  

Jennie recently took a picture of her hiking in winter! Hiking looks hip when Jennie does it, but this is not the only charm of hiking. This is because healthy effects such as strengthening muscle, improving cardiopulmonary function, and strengthening the lower body can be obtained thanks to this sport. However, the temperature on the mountain during winter hiking can be very low, so prepare for the cold with items such as balaclava, scarves, gloves, etc. like Jennie did.   

Rosé => Skateboarding 

Rosé‘s photo of her riding a skateboard through the cold wind in winter makes us feel cool just by looking at it. Like Rosé‘s board, the standard board is characterized with full-body movement from shoulder to waist and lower body. The muscle concentration in our thighs increases when we skateboard, so why don’t you try getting a strong and slim leg line with a skateboard like Rosé

Yeri => Pilates

Yeri is famous for being a Pilates addict! Pilates has gathered only the advantages of yoga that develops flexibility in the body, stretching that relaxes muscles smoothly, and weight training that develops muscle strength. It’s an indoor workout, so it’s perfect for the winter! If you want to have a healthy body line like Yeri, try Pilates.


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