Comedian Kim Ki-soo expresses opinion about “Woo Young-woo” parody controversy… “Disrespect the disabled? I feel more uncomfortable than you”

Comedian Kim Ki-soo was furious at the criticism that he expressed disability as a laughing stock. He also mentioned the fact that a YouTuber parodying the character “Woo Young-woo” became controversial.

Recently, Kim Ki-soo conducted a live broadcast on his YouTube channel under the title “Why are you tormenting me like this?”

At that time, Kim Ki-soo told netizens who were chatting with a high level, “She’s a good girl, but she has a disability because she wants to be funny. She has a gag disorder.”

Some viewers pointed out that “he expressed disability as a laughing stock”. Regarding this, Kim Ki-soo said, “This is a line from a scene in the movie ‘Marathon’. You don’t know this. You should think (joke is just a joke), don’t say things like ‘Uncomfortable’ or ‘This XX’. I feel more uncomfortable than you.”

He then expressed his thoughts, “Now that we’ve talked about it, I’ll tell you. The drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ is hot these days. A YouTuber parodied the character Woo Young-woo and was criticized for ‘disrespecting the disabled’. I think this YouTuber didn’t look down on the disabled, she just made a parody of the drama.”

He added, “I only said actor Jo Seung-woo’s line in ‘Marathon’. This line appeared in various dramas and entertainment shows. Are these all disparaging people with disabilities? It was simply sublimating the line into a gag.”

Source: dispatch

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