Comedian Kim Ki Soo criticized for excessive joke of impersonating “JMS” Jung Myung Suk

Kim Ki Soo, known as a comedian and beauty creator, faces backlash due to his impersonation of JMS’s leader Jung Myung Suk.

On March 17th, Kim Ki Soo conducted a live broadcast on his Youtube channel.

Kim Ki-soo

While doing an eating show of chicken, pizza, and other foods, Kim Ki Soo put chicken bones between his upper lip and gums, then said, “It’s me, I’m God. Huh? I am God. I’m the Messiah”. He imitated the speaking tone and gestures of Jung Myung Suk, leader of the religious organization JMS, then laughed.

When some viewers complained, “Why are you copying that person?”, Kim Ki Soo replied, “Why did I copy JMS? He’s a f**king bad guy. A real bastard. So what?” The comedian also said he didn’t find anything wrong with his behavior.

Kim Ki-soo

Later, a video cut from Kim Ki Soo’s live broadcast spread to various online communities, leading to heavy criticism. As a result, netizens left comments such as, “Why are you impersonating a criminal?”, “It’s not funny at all”, “Apologize to the victims”, “You should explain your impersonation of JMS”, “Explain your action”, “This is not something that can be considered a joke”, “You crossed the line”, and so on.

However, Kim Ki So has not yet apologized or released any statement, and the controversy is intensifying.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” recently caused a stir as it exposed the reality of various pseudo-religious organizations, including JMS.

Source: Nate

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