Chuu’s confession: “Dieting was about starving, but now I love eating salad”

Former LOONA’s Chuu recently made a confession about her love for salad. 

In a recent video released on Cosmopolitan magazine’s YouTube channel, titled “What Chuu Has Been Obsessed with Lately!”, former LOONA member Chuu shared some interesting insights about herself.

Chuu talked about how she manages to stay high-energy all the time, saying, “When I’m excited, my energy goes through the roof, but when I have work, I have to work hard and so I eat vitamins to boost my energy.” 

Chuu also shared her cute side, mentioning how she loves to have fun alone at home and dance to the latest trends.

But the real surprise came when Chuu revealed her new love for salad. She said, “I’m into pasta salad these days. I used to starve myself to lose weight. I hated salad and couldn’t eat it during my diet in the past, but now there’s a salad restaurant that I love, and I’ve been adding more vegetables to my diet.” 

Chuu even wished the salad restaurant owner a long and successful business.


Chuu’s fans were delighted to hear her confession, as the idol has previously admitted to struggling with food and binge-eating due to stress during a 2022 appearance on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic.” 

But Chuu made it clear that she’s been working hard to manage her health, and her newfound love for salad is a testament to that effort. 

Chuu also shared her passion for driving, recently obtaining her license, and hopes to showcase her skills to fans in the future.

Source: Nate

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