Choi Woo-sik: “The ‘Parasite’ family and BTS V give me strength through their support”

Actor Choi Woo-sik boasted a strong friendship with the cast of the movie “Parasite”. 

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer,” which ended on Jan 25th, is a youth romance drama in which a young couple, who were each other’s first love, got forcibly summoned after their breakup due to the popularity of a documentary filmed in high school.

Choi Woo-sik, who became Choi Woong’s character himself, melted 100% into the character, making viewers’ hearts flutter. Choi Woo-sik recently met with Expo News online to mark the end of “Our Beloved Summer,” said, “I wanted to be handsome as I played the role of Choi Woong.”

Choi Woo-sik said, “Choi Woong in the script is such a cool person, and I wanted to be like that,” adding, “I think the synchronization rate between me and him is about 60%. I’m not good and nice to everyone like Woong. But there are some similarities between us like when we are shy, can’t sleep well, can’t eat spicy food, have limited friends, and have a harmonious family.” 

Choi Woo-sik BTS V

“Our Beloved Summer” heals us by recalling the memories of our first love and past relationships in school. Choi Woo-sik was also healed by playing the role of Choi Woong. Choi Woo-sik said, “I saw a comment where everyone there said, ‘This kind of male protagonist seems to not exist in the world.’ I felt that a lot while acting, too. I acted as Choi Woong, but I don’t think I can become such a lovely and fresh boyfriend, but I acted with all my might as I was satisfied with such compliments for Choi Woong.”

In the meantime, Choi Woo-sik said, “As if I’m still childish or something like that, if there are 10 comments and 2 of them are negative ones, I think I have a bad habit of remembering and digging into only those 2,” explaining why he can’t read the viewers’ comments well.

Choi Woo-sik mentioned the people who he worked with through the movie “Parasite“, “Still, the ‘Parasite’ family supported each other when any work comes out. They also cheered for me when ‘The Policeman’s Lineage’ was released. I feel good to have such supportive family members.”

Choi Woo-sik BTS V

His best friend BTS V has also drawn attention by singing the OST for “Our Beloved Summer”. Regarding this, Choi Woo-sik said, “He gave me a lot of strength. It was fortunate and enjoyable for me to work with him in a work that is loved by so many. It was a good experience.”

What Choi Woo-sik wants to learn from Choi Woong is “I want to learn to push ahead with love like Choi Woong. I don’t know about marriage, but I want to push ahead with confidence until the end.”

Choi Woo-sik once said that “Our Beloved Summer” was a challenge for himself. Now that he has finished this work, how satisfied is he? The actor replied, “It’s about 75 points. I don’t think it’s an acting that I’m 100% satisfied with in every scene.” Finally, Choi Woo-sik expressed his extraordinary affection for the work, “‘Our Beloved Summer’ may be the last time I can play a high school student. I’m so grateful to be able to act as a high school student in such a good work. I think there are many good scenes that I can leave in my life as we shot a lot of pretty scenes.”

Choi Woo-sik BTS V


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