Choi Si-won went out for a drink with Lee Sun-bin and Han Sun-hwa from “Work Later, Drink Now,” showing his loyalty

Choi Si-won, Han Sun-hwa, and Lee Sun-bin, the main characters of TVing’s “Work Later, Drink Now,” went out together.

On Jun 23rd, Choi Si-won posted a picture taken at a restaurant on his Instagram.

suju-siwon instagram

In the released photo are Han Sun-hwa, Lee Sun-bin, and the director of “Work Later, Drink Now” along with Choi Si-won.

The four people gave a bright and lively atmosphere with their pleasant expressions. They seemed to have had a good time eating food with beer.


“The new season of ‘Work Later, Drink Now’” Choi wrote, referring to “Work Later, Drink Now 2”.

In the meantime, Choi Si-won explained that Jung Eun-ji, another main character of “Work Later, Drink Now,” was unable to attend the meal due to her schedule.

Finally, Choi Si-won said, “I’m looking forward to it,” expressing his excitement for “Work Later, Drink Now 2.”

On the same day, Jung Eun-ji posted a picture of herself, Han Sun-hwa, and Lee Sun-bin on her Instagram story, adding a hand heart emoticon, attracting many people’s attention.

work later drink now

Upon seeing this, netizens responded enthusiastically, saying, “Have they started filming ‘Work Later, Drink Now 2’?” and “I can’t wait to watch it.

Meanwhile, “Work Later, Drink Now,” based on Migang’s webtoon “Work Later, Drink Now,” is a full-fledged tactical drama depicting the daily lives of three women, whose life belief is the cup of alcohol after their long day ends.

work later drink now 2

Han Sun-hwa (playing Han Ji-yeon), Jung Eun-ji (playing Kang Ji-gu), and Lee Sun-bin (playing Ahn So-hee) are best friends who love drinking together, and Choi Si-won (playing Gang Buk-gu) was loved thanks to his charm as the only male friend of the squad. “Work Later, Drink Now” also topped the list of weekly paid subscriptions among all-time original TVing content.

Work Later Drink Now

Thanks to its huge popularity, the news of the production of “Work Later, Drink Now 2” was announced in December last year. The four main characters, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Eun-ji, Lee Sun-bin, and Choi Si-won, will also appear in “Work Later, Drink Now 2” following the previous season.

“Work Later, Drink Now 2” will be released within this year.

Source: insight

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